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I’m gonna take a wild guess, and assume you’re here cause you want to grow the crap out of your email list. And you’ve heard how ConvertKit for bloggers is pretty damn amazing.

Am I right?!

Woo-hoo! *happy dance and high fives all around*

Yep, sooner or later, we bloggers realize – dang, I should probably start growing that email list everyone keeps talking about.

And for good reason.

An email list is uber important to the success of your blog, especially if you’re thinking about making a profit from all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into that bad boy.

Lemme explain a bit further.


Why I Switched To ConvertKit

Reasons for creating an email list may vary from one blogger to another, but these are the two that totally convinced me to grow a solid tribe of readers and supporters.


You wouldn’t know it, with all the hype that surrounds social media, but email is by far the best way to build a relationship with your readers.

Yeah, Facebook and Pinterest have their place in promoting posts and attracting views, but email is much more than that. When you email your readers, it’s personal.

It’s a virtual step into their private space, which isn’t shared with every Joe Schmoe on the internet.


You become a familiar face to your readers. Popping into their inbox each week, strengthens that sweet little connection you’re slowly making with them.

By establishing trust, you’re building a relationship with your readers. And often times, these readers turn into clients, who look forward to buying those killer products and services you’ve created just for them.

Win, win – right?

Now I’ll bet you’re asking yourself, where the heck do I begin? Where do I start building this amazing list of mine?

Let me shed some light on this for you.


Why I Switched To ConvertKit

I know, it can feel daunting at first. Whether you’re looking for your very first email provider, or you’re looking to switch things up – it can be stressful!

So many email providers, so many options. And you want to make the best choice. I feel ya.

In fact, I was one of those who started with one provider, realized it wasn’t for me, and ultimately switched out.


Here’s the thing. I LOVED MailChimp at first.

I was a newbie blogger, didn’t have much of a following, and wasn’t necessarily trying to make money with my blog.

MailChimp worked well for my basic needs. It managed my list of subscribers, and it fit my beginner budget.

But things changed. My blog was changing. And I wanted to turn my blog into a business.

I began to feel stuck with MailChimp.

It limited my lead magnets, it had few ‘professional blogger’ features, and I found it a bit clunky to use.

I reeeeally wanted to begin growing my email list. And I wanted to do it as quickly as possible. We bloggers are an impatient bunch, aren’t we?

So, I began to look around.


Honestly, I didn’t have to look very far. ConvertKit is pretty much all the rage these days, so it wasn’t hard finding a crap ton of reviews.

One of my faves was Raelyn Tan’s article about why she switched email providers. She summed it up nicely and helped me make the decision to take the leap.

And I’m SO GLAD I did!

Let me tell you why I’m loving ConvertKit.

1. Statistics

This is a biggie. If you’re focused on growing your website, you’ll wanna keep an eye on your statistics, right? You want to know what’s working and what’s falling flat.

ConvertKit kills it with some awesome detailed analytics. You get a good peek at which lead magnets, newsletters, and opt-ins are performing well, and which ones gotta go. You also get to see the number of subscribers and conversions that each form generates on your website.

Pretty freakin’ cool.

2. User-friendly Forms

One of my favorite features of ConvertKit is the ease of making opt-in forms and landing pages. I’m not the most techie person in the world, so this was a huge plus for me.

I simply create my forms and stick them within my posts, on my pages, in my sidebar, etc. Super easy.

3. Sequences

Seriously the best thing everrr. I can’t begin to tell you how much time and energy I’ve saved with these puppies.

These lovely sequences make it possible to schedule emails to be sent at a particular time and in a particular order, based on why your subscribers signed up to your email list.

It’s basically a set-it-and-leave-it type of thing, which puts a big fat smile on my face.

One of sequences I’ve set up is my Welcome Email sequence. Below is a list of five emails that are automatically sent to my new subscribers once they join my list.

The emails are sent out over the span of a couple weeks providing tips, tricks, and free tidbits offering value to my awesome subscribers. Love it.

ConvertKit for Bloggers


4. Tagging

I know I’ve raved about the previous features, but this one really does take the cake.

ConvertKit‘s tagging feature allows you to segment your readers based on their interests & behaviors. This makes is it SO much easier to determine who to include in certain emails, and who to exclude from others.

You simply tag readers based off of their specific actions, such as clicking a link, buying a product, or signing up for a course.

Gone are the days of adding readers to an entirely new list which creates tons of duplicate subscribers. It makes my brain hurt just thinking about it.

Tagging makes it super simple to identify what your readers want – which will ultimately make them happy campers and stick around for the long haul.

5. Automations

Ready to save even more time in your day? ConvertKit’s automation tool is pretty damn ah-mazing at doing just that.

Staying connected with your readers through email is mega important but it can be totally time consuming.

Here’s where ConvertKit’s automation tools come into play.

It’s simple, when a reader takes a specific action, it triggers another action, keeping them engaged.

It looks like this – say a reader clicks the link to my free course, but decides it’s not for them. Instead of ending the conversation there, I can automatically send them through a follow-up sequence where I can further develop that relationship by providing additional information on that specific topic.

Because although they didn’t buy my course, I know they are interested in that specific course topic and may benefit from additional information about it in the future. Make sense?


ConvertKit is a total game changer, m’friends.

Their platform is amazingly user-friendly and it’ll save you loads of time in your busy day. I know we could all use some of that!

In my opinion, it’s easily the best email provider for the professional blogger. I highly recommend ConvertKit for bloggers who are looking to step up their blogging game and really grow that email list to create a profitable blog.

Are you ready to make the switch?

Let me know your thoughts, or email me with any questions you may have about ConvertKit or MailChimp. I want to hear from you!

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