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Pinterest and I haven’t always gotten along.

When I first started my blog, I hated the idea of learning how to use Pinterest.

It seemed so intimidating and complicated.

But after months of crappy blog traffic, I realized I didn’t have a choice.

So I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon.

And then I kicked myself for not doing it sooner.

Pinterest quickly became the source of over 90% of my blog traffic within weeks.

And it continues to drive loads of traffic to my blog each day.

Wanna know how I do it?

Let’s take a peek at how you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to your new blog ASAP!

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If you’re serious about your Pinterest game, you need a Pinterest for Business account.

You can create a brand new account or convert your existing personal account – either works.

Once you’ve got your business account all set up, you’ll have access to additional tools including Pinterest Analytics and Rich Pins.

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics are awesome for helping you understand which of your pins people like and what they’re saving from your website.

This info will help you round out your Pinterest strategy and get you more impressions, saves, and clicks on your pins – ultimately bringing you more blog traffic. Woo-hoo!

Rich Pins

Rich Pins are necessary because they show extra information directly on your pin.

This makes it more searchable which can lead to more website views.

There are four different types of Rich Pins – product pins, recipe pins, article pins, and app pins.

Take note of the article pin. These guys are ideal for promoting blog posts.

They give your reader a nice at-a-glance preview of your post, enticing them to click your pin and read your article.

Check out these simple step-by-step instructions for setting up Rich Pins in Melyssa Griffin‘s blog post.


You want your Pinterest profile to stand out from the crowd. Give it some extra love and Pinterest will be more inclined to share it with lots of pinners.

How do you do this?

Simply put – use keywords. Use lots of keywords.

Your Profile

Include your website name and relevant keywords in your Business Name and About You sections in your profile.

Use keywords that are relevant to your website. Include terms that people might use to search topics you blog about.

This will make it possible for people to find you when they search Pinterest using these keywords.

Make sense?

Here’s an example of my Pinterest profile to give you a visual.

Pinterest Profile Traffic

Need a little keyword inspiration? Take a peek at what the influencers in your niche include in their profiles.

Chances are, many of the keywords they’re using will work for you too!

Your Boards

Create relevant boards and then load them with keywords related to your blog content.

Not sure which boards to create?

Do a Pinterest search to see what comes up in your niche.

For example, if you blog about homeschool, search ‘homeschool’ to see what pops up.

The below search pulls up (from left to right) homeschool curriculum, homeschool schedule, and homeschool organization as the top three searches in the homeschool niche.

Pinterest Traffic

These are some of the boards you want to create.

Be sure to give your boards keyword rich descriptions as well.

When you include lots of relevant keywords in your profile and on your boards, you increase the chances of people finding you in their search.

Thus, more blog traffic.


Pinterest is a visual search engine. Like Google, but with lots of pretty pictures.

If you want people to repin your pins, they’ve got to be eye-catching.

Here’s how you do it.


Create pins with warm tones. Shades of red, brown, and orange tend to get twice as many repins as those with bluish tones.

Use vibrant colors. Images that have 50% saturation have 10 times the amount of repins as those with very low saturation.

Light is better than dark. Pins with medium lightness are repinned 20 times more than darker images.


Long, tall vertical pins get more repins than short, fat pins.

Create pins with a size of about 735 x 1500. Generally you want a ratio of 2:3 or 4:5 since these pins usually stand out better in a feed.

A nice, long pin like the one below will attract more eyeballs than a shorter pin.

Pinterest Traffic


Give your pinners something to read.

People want to easily see what your post is all about. So give them a good snippet of what they can expect.

Entice them with a catchy headline or a bold statement. Those always get my attention!

Here’s one that quickly caught my eye and I just HAD to read. =)

Pinterest Traffic


Creating an awesome image for your pin is only have the battle won.

You need to include the perfect description too.

Craft a detailed description that engages your reader and draws her to click on it.

Here are a few tips to make this happen:

Make it Interesting – Gain the interest of the pinner by evoking emotion. Play on her senses to peek her curiosity.

Offer Details – Give the pinner a good idea of what your pin is about. Provide just enough detail so that she is intrigued and wants to learn more.

Create Action – Provide a call-to-action (CTA) for your pinner. Be sure to tell her to ‘click here’ or ‘read more’ so she’ll actually click on your pin.


Pinterest group boards are EVERYTHING for a new blog.

They’re an awesome way to promote your site and grow your traffic.

Join group boards with a high virality score (AKA the number of repins per pin you get on average) and a large amount of followers (generally more Pinterest followers than you have for your account).

But how do you find these magical boards?

Your Fellow Bloggers

Take a look at which group boards the top bloggers in your niche belong to.

You can identify which boards are group boards by the multi-person profile picture.

Below is an example of what you’re looking for. See the multiple number of faces in the profile circle?

Pinterest traffic

Pin Groupie

Checkout Pin Groupie to search for group boards in your niche.

Simply include your niche in the description box and sort the results. I like to sort by number of followers that each group board has.

Here’s what my search looks like for group boards about ‘blogging’.

Pinterest Traffic


You can also find an awesome list of over a dozen different Pinterest group boards in my Free Blogger Resource Collection.

Curious to know how to apply to these group boards?

First, check out the instructions provided in the group board description.

If there are no instructions on how to apply, I suggest sending a direct message via Pinterest to the group board owner. The owner can be identified as the first contributor listed in the group.

Here’s my group board, Ladies Blog for Business. I’m listed first since I own the board.

Pinterest traffic


If you’re using Pinterest to promote your blog, you should get to know Tailwind.

Tailwind is my favorite automated pinning tool by far. It’s user-friendly and helps me pin more consistently and effectively.

I like to schedule about 10 pins per day with Tailwind and then manually pin another 5-10 separately.

Pinterest likes to see that you’re actively on their platform so you don’t want your pinning strategy set on complete auto-pilot.

Switch it up a bit to make the Pinterest Gods happy.

Tailwind isn’t just for auto-scheduling your pins. You can also use Tailwind to check your analytics to see how your pins and group boards are performing.

This type of insight is essential to tracking what, if any changes you need to make to your pinning game.

Click here to check out my favorite automated pinning tool and get your free trial today.


Make it easy for your readers to share your blog posts.

I learned about the awesomeness of Social Warfare in a pro Pinterest course when I first began blogging.

Social Warfare is essentially a social share plugin that makes it super easy for your readers to share your posts.

And why do we care about this?

Well, it’s simple. If nobody is sharing, then nobody is reading. And then you have no traffic.

That’s not what we want, right?!

We want traffic. And lots of it.

The Social Warfare plugin is an awesome way to entice readers to share your posts with perfectly placed share buttons.

Check them out below.

See the bright, bold buttons hovering around the introduction of my blog post?

Pinterest Traffic


These eye-catching buttons have encouraged thousands of people to share this one blog post.

There are different options for displaying these social share buttons on your website.

I like to have them at the top and also hover as the reader scrolls down my post.

This way, my reader always has the opportunity to simply click and share.

Totally ideal.

Favorite Features

Social Warfare offers two of the most amazing features for enticing readers to share your content.

These are a total MUST in my book and they make Social Warfare stand out from other social sharing plugins.

Image Hover Pin Button

I love when I can easily hover over an image on a website and the little red save button automatically appears.

This makes repinning so much easier. And readers are MUCH more likely to share your content if it’s quick and easy.

Social Warfare makes this happen with their image hover pin button.

Simply turn it on and let it work its magic.

Pinterest Traffic

Customized Pins and Tweets

I can’t tell you how happy I am that Social Warfare gives me the option to choose which of my pins and tweets are shared for each blog post.

When I realized this was even possible. I HAD to have this plugin.

Social Warfare lets you customize which pin you want pinned when a reader hits the Pinterest share button.

And you can do the same for a tweet. Simply create a custom tweet to be sent out when a reader hits the Twitter share button.

Pretty cool, right?

Here’s what the customization options look like for each of your posts. Totally easy to set up and roll out to your website for some good social sharing.

Pinterest Traffic



Pinterest is a huge traffic-generating powerhouse for many bloggers.

Set your blog up for success with these strategies to harness the traffic that Pinterest can quickly bring to your blog.

Have you begun to implement any of these Pinterest strategies?

Let me know what has (and hasn’t!) been working for you!

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