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It’s the new blogger’s dilemma – growing blog traffic and making money with an unknown blog.

It’s crazy hard, right?!

You’ve read a million different articles about how to attract readers, how to make money online, and how to grow a quality email list. And you’re still left scratching your head.

What gives?

How the heck do you get your new blog off the ground?

You’re even thinking about buying one of those two hundred dollar blogging courses. You know, the kind that promise to skyrocket your blog in 10 days?

But it’s SO difficult to justify spending all that moolah on a blog that isn’t making any money to begin with!

So what’s a girl to do?!

Well, it’s simple.

Run a quick Google or Pinterest search and find yourself some FREE online blogging courses with raving reviews.

Yep. Take advantage of those free courses created and offered by top bloggers!

Soak up all the blogging info you crave without spending a dime.

Genius, right? =)

And to get you started, here’s a big, fat list of some of the best free blogging courses out there. Enjoy!

19 free online blogging courses to grow traffic and earn blog income fast



How To Start A Blog FREE Email Course – A free 7-day email course that shows you exactly how to easily create your first blog (including the technical steps we dread), attract an awesome tribe of followers, and begin to make blogging income with your new website. Michelle simply breaks it down so you can begin to set up your own money-making blog with total confidence.

Beginner Blogger Boot Camp – A free email course dedicated to complete beginner bloggers. You’ll learn how to set up, design, and launch a brand new blog from complete scratch. What more can you ask for, right? Krista show’s you how to set up your website for success, how to create killer content your audience will love, favorite strategies for making money with a blog, and so much more.

Launch Your Profitable Blog Course – This free 4-day course shows you how to build a stunning, functional website in just 4 days. Kate also provides tips and tricks on how to make your blog stand out from the crowd and create a killer blog plan to make money with your blog the first day it goes live. How can you say no to that?!

How To Design Your Own Blog – This free 7-day course teaches you how to turn your dull, newbie-looking blog into a top-notch professional website you and your readers will love. Kotryna shares her favorite resources for creating beautiful graphics, reveals must-haves for a new blog, and provides some awesome freebies you don’t want to miss.


Build a Profitable Blog – This free 8-day email course shows you how to build a focused, profitable niche blog and business. You’ll seriously learn TONS from this one course alone. Mariah teaches you how to find your unique niche, grow your email list, create shareable content, market your blog, and make REAL money (what we’re really after, right?). So much goodness here!

12 Month Step-by-Step Plan to Build a Profitable Blog – A free beginner blogger course designed to take your new blog from nothing to a profit-generating machine. Suzi offers a dozen real tips on how you can increase your blog traffic each month and how you can make money with your new blog from day one. And who doesn’t love the sound of that?

Free Email Crash Course – This free 5-day step-by-step email course is designed to get you on track to make money blogging the right way. Heather shares how she makes over $30k/month by blogging. Yeah, I’ll take some of that free advice please!

Free Passive Income Course – This free workshop dives into what it truly takes to make consistent, sustainable passive income online. Elise shows you three profitable strategies she uses in her own business to make money while she sleeps. Sounds like a cool gig, right?

From Side Hustle to Success – This free 7-day course is jam-packed with blogger goodies. Find out how to turn your blog into a profitable business and build a strong foundation to grow your traffic and email list like a total boss. Allison takes the cake with this awesome course by offering additional blog love to her students. You’ll receive free resources, checklists, pretty stock photos, and worksheets too! Love it.

Blogging To Win – A free 7-day course and workbook that walks you through each lesson, step-by-step, so you understand each and every important blogging detail covered. Allison shows you how to create your brand, set up your domain and hosting, build a unique marketing plan, and determine which monetization strategies will benefit your blog most. Seriously though, it’s amazingly thorough.

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The Irresistible Freebie Course – A free course designed to show you how to create the perfect lead magnet to grow your email list. In my free course, you’ll learn about the key ingredients of a freebie that converts readers into subscribers, solid methods to research freebie ideas, free resources to create your awesome freebies, criteria to determine the perfect name for your freebie, and the perfect ways to promote your freebie. Check it out and let me know how ya like it!

The Free Email Course – A free 7-day course to help you grow your email list and your engagement. Kirsten shares seven different growth strategies, how to optimize your website to get more email subscribers, why people aren’t opening your emails, and what content people really want to read.

Email course for Solopreneurs and Bloggers – This free 8-day email course is designed just for bloggers who are clueless about email marketing. If that’s you, don’t pass this one up! Meera tells all about the most common email marketing mistakes solopreneurs and bloggers make, how to optimize your website and opt-in forms, how to create a killer lead magnet that converts like crazy, and five powerful email strategies to get your emails opened and read. A must-have for every new blogger ready to make money blogging.

The 30-day List Building Challenge – This free challenge shows you how to build your email list more in the next 30 days than you have in the past three months. Nathalie‘s got over 10 years of experience growing digital brands, selling online courses, and building profitable membership sites. And she’s sharing her best shortcuts in this free course. Sold!

Start and Grow Your Email List – A free course to get you on your way to creating and growing a successful email list. Elizabeth shows you how to choose your email marketing service, how to create opt-in downloads, how to create forms on your website, and how you can set up a landing page for each of your opt-ins.


Pinterest Primer  – This free course teaches you how to leverage the power of Pinterest to boost your traffic and build your online presence. This was the first Pinterest course I took as a new blogger and it was perfect for giving me a solid foundation for using Pinterest as a huge part of my blog traffic strategy. McKinzie does such an amazing job laying out the basics in easy, bite-sized portions so you can soak up all the info she’s offering without feeling overwhelmed.

Turbo Traffic Mini Course – A free 5-day mini course to begin driving money-making traffic to your new blog. Raelyn offers value-laden, action-packed blog goodness to turbo boost your blog traffic with an awesome curriculum and an exclusive offer to her paid course.

Pinterest Power Mini-trainings – This free 5-day course is a comprehensive guide to growing traffic, leads, and sales through Pinterest. Summer will teach you how to gain significant Pinterest followers in 7 days, how to create a powerful pinning strategy, how to maximize the reach of your pins, and how to troubleshoot when things aren’t working. This course seriously has it all!

Start. Grow. Earn – This free blogging course will take you step-by-step through determining your niche, the technical side of starting a website, growing blog traffic, and how to use Pinterest the right way. AND Elna also throws in an amazing ultimate blogging toolkit filled with blog post ideas, ways to grow your email list, and free tools to grow your blog traffic like mad. So much goodness here absolutely free!

And there ya go!


Take advantage of all this FREE expert advice and begin growing your blog traffic and make money blogging ASAP!

I’d love to know which courses you find most helpful. Shoot me a quick comment or email and let me know!

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Free Online Courses for Bloggers to Grow Blog Traffic and Income. Find some of the best free courses to take as a beginner blogger. Click through for free professional courses that will kickstart your blog! | make money blogging | free blogging course | grow blog traffic fast | beginner blogger | #freecourse #blog








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