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Ready to grow your Pinterest presence and increase your followers?

Yep. I thought so.

Pinterest has become a well-known visual search engine utilized by over 200 million users every month.


It’s no wonder so many bloggers rely on Pinterest to drive massive traffic to their websites so they can earn money from home.

I mean, that is the goal, right?

We want to start a blog, grow your audience, and earn money from home.

Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Of course it does!

So, today I’m walking you through seven of my favorite strategies to grow your Pinterest account and build authority in your blogging niche.


We all love our automated pinning with Tailwind. I think most of us would go crazy without it!

But here’s the thing.

Pinterest wants you to show up every day – in person. Not just through your scheduler.

Pinterest likes when you manually pin on a regular basis.

This shows them that you’re a valuable, contributing member of their community. And they’ll reward you for that.

Your content will appear more often in their Smart Feed, which will drive more traffic to your website and grow your Pinterest following.

Sounds like a fair deal, right?

So, what should you manually pin each day?

  • Your own pins
  • Other people’s pins
  • Pin to and from your group boards
  • Pin from Pinterest’s ‘Explore’ and ‘Trending’ pages

Here’s where you can find your Explore and Trending pages in your Pinterest navigation header.

Pinterest Followers

Manually pin a handful of these pins each day to show Pinterest that you’re active on their platform and not just set on auto-pilot.


Want to get even cozier with Pinterest?

Do more than just pin. Be sure to engage with other aspects of their platform as well.

Here are a couple easy ways to get the job done:

Follow Suggested Boards

Ever notice the below ‘Ideas For You’ suggestions that pop up in your Pinterest feed?

Don’t ignore these guys.

If you scroll across one or two that are relevant to your niche, give them a follow.

5 Pinterest Secrets to increase followers

Interact With Your Notifications

Remember to regularly check in with notifications Pinterest sends to you.

You’ll find them in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Simply click on the little ellipses bubble and you’ll be taken to your Pinterest activity.

You’re notified when someone saves your pins. It looks something like the below.

Pinterest tactics to grow your Pinterest followers fast

Click on the activity notification and you’ll get to see where the pins where saved. Similar to the below shot.

Pinterest strategies to grow your Pinterest followers

Now, go ahead and repin your pins from these boards back to one of your own relevant boards.

These are surefire ways to let Pinterest know you’re interacting with their platform.

And again, they’ll reward you by sharing your pins more frequently in their Smart Feed.

That’s our goal, right?


Hashtags are back!

Yep. It’s now recommended that you incorporate hashtags into your Pinterest descriptions.

Hashtags are helpful for pinners to find the freshest content on Pinterest.

When you add hashtags to the description for a new pin, other pinners can visit a feed of all the pins that share that same hashtag.

It’s another great way for people to find your awesome content and follow your account.

You’ll see hashtags highlighted in blue within your pin description like this.

Pinterest Traffic

Not sure how to include hashtags in your pins?

After you’ve drafted your pin description, hit the ‘#’ and then enter a relevant keyword or phrase.

You’ll see a few different options pop up for you. These are currently the most popular hashtags relevant to your keyword.

Choose one or two that best describe your content so other pinners can find you in a search.

And viola! You’re hashtag ready.


Group boards are a necessity for bloggers.

If you can find good group boards and utilize them effectively, they’ll bring you tons of blog traffic.

But that’s not all they’re good for.

Have you considered starting your own group board?

It’s an awesome way to increase your Pinterest following without doing much of anything really.

Here’s how it’s done:

Simply create a new board on your Pinterest profile.

Clearly state the rules for your group board in the description. Make it a requirement for people to follow your personal account before you can add them to the group board.

When you’re ready to add contributors, just click on the plus sign to locate their profile. And that’s it!

Come on over and join my Pinterest group board, Ladies Blog for Business, if you’re looking for a new place to promote your blog!


This strategy makes perfect sense.

Follow those that are following your competition. And chances are, they’ll follow you back.

You already know that they’re interested in your blogging niche, so that’s half the battle won.

Need help finding your competition?

Head to the Pinterest search bar and type in common keywords used in your blogging niche.

Then click the ‘people’ option in the dropdown menu to see everyone with those keywords in their profile.

These are your competitors.

Here’s an example.

Say, you blog about healthy recipes. Pop these terms into your search bar, then click People.


You have a whole list of competitors to click through and follow their followers.

Pinterest followers

Follow a handful of your competitor’s followers each day.

The key here is to repin relevant content from their boards on a regular basis.

They’ll begin to notice your name pop up in their notifications and will often follow you back.


Pinterest is smart. But it’s not perfect.

Sometimes it can use a little guidance to determine what your pin is all about.

The quicker it knows what your pin is about, the more it will show up in it’s smart feed and in searches.

And ultimately bringing you more traffic and followers.

So, how can you help Pinterest show your pins more frequently?

Give your pin a boost right from the start.

Be intentional with where you FIRST post your pin. It needs to be posted to a related board – not just any old board.

This will give your pin some fight, right out of the gate.

For example, I have a pin about ‘affiliate marketing’.

Rather than pin it to a board about ‘blogging’, I’ll post it to an affiliate marketing-related board first. Now, Pinterest knows right away that this pin is about affiliate marketing.

I’ll even pin it to multiple affiliate marketing-related boards over the next couple of days to really drive it home that this is an affiliate marketing-related pin.

Grow Pinterest Followers


Make it super simple for your readers to share your pins on Pinterest.

People won’t repin your content if it takes more than three seconds to get it done.

The more repins you get, the more exposure you’ll receive, which will lead to an increase in followers.

So, how do you make sharing easier for your readers?

Grab yourself a social sharing plugin and download it to your website.

I love and use Social Warfare to include sharing buttons on each of my blog psots.

See them toward the bottom of your screen?

You have the option to easily share this post by pinning it to Pinterest, posting it to Facebook, tweeting it out on Twitter, or stumbling it on StumbleUpon.

And my favorite part?

Their awesome customization feature.

I get to customize which pin, post, or tweet you share with Social Warfare‘s customizable options for each blog post.

Simply fill in the below info for your post and you’re set. Now your audience shares exactly what you want them to share.

Pinterest Traffic

This is HUGE!

If you can’t customize your social sharing options, your readers may be sharing low-quality pins leading back to your website.

And that’s definitely not the way to grow your Pinterest following!


Ready to put these strategies into action?

Grow your Pinterest authority and followers by consistently using these favorite tips and tricks.

And please pop in with any questions you have for me! I want to hear from you!

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