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Here you are. You’ve done it!

You’ve got your new blog up and running like a champ! Feels good doesn’t it?

And now you’re ready to quickly grow your email list so you can make that moolah with your website ASAP.

Super exciting. And a little nerve-wracking right?!

I had a mini freak-out session when I first heard an email list was essential to monetizing my blog.

Seriously? An email list?

I had questions.

What’s so important about collecting a bunch of email addresses? How will this list make me money?

And more importantly, where do I even begin to start this list?

It can be kinda overwhelming!

So let’s have a little chat about all this email list stuff, shall we?


How To Start An Email List As A Beginner Blogger


You see, as much as we all love Pinterest and Facebook, they’re unpredictable creatures.

Pinterest has the power to suspend or cancel your account as they wish, and Facebook could randomly turn out their lights, causing you to lose thousands of followers in the blink of an eye. *GASP!*

It’s actually pretty scary if you think about it.

All that time and effort put into building your social media following to be gone. Just like that.

Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

But guess what? That email list of yours?

Now that puppy is ALL yours. You built it, you control it, and you own it.

Ahh, headache gone.

And, if you have a killer email service provider, you can easily and effectively communicate with your peeps with little effort.

I’m a huge fan of ConvertKit for this very reason.

Since the interests of my subscribers vary, I love that I can totally customize which emails are sent to specific subscribers, and on which day they should be sent.

As an example, I can send a particular type of email to a subscriber who just joined my list, and another type of email to a group of subscribers whom I think might be interested in a product that I’m selling.

Pretty awesome, right?

Man, I love technology. Even though we often fight.


One of my fave things about having my own email list is the direct line of communication with my readers.

Sending an email to my tribe once or twice a week, helps me to learn more about my audience and what they need.

Could they use a little help setting up their blog? Are they looking for best tips on how to make money blogging? Are they struggling with that scary thing called SEO?

Whatever it is, I can find out. By asking them in my weekly emails or simply tagging them in ConvertKit, I get the inside scoop directly from them.

This is huge. This makes it possible for me to consistently provide value through posts, guides, courses, and other goodies.

Cool deal, right?


Simply put, the more subscribers you have, the more product you’ll sell.

More people to click on your affiliate links.
More people to read your killer blog posts.
More people to sign up to your course, your webinar, or your coaching session.

And these people already know and trust you. Even better!

You’ve been in their email box every week nurturing your relationship and learning more about them.

They’re primed to take your advice on recommended products and services.

Totally ideal. For you both.


How To Start An Email List For Beginner Bloggers


I can’t even stress this enough. A good email service provider is uber important.

I started out using MailChimp but found it to be clunky and restricting. So, I moved on to ConvertKit.

Seriously the best thing I did for my blog as a new blogger.

You want a service provider that has the right options to help you grow your list like wildfire. And what are those options you ask?

Here ya go.


Different subscribers have different needs. So not everyone should be receiving the same emails, right? Keep your hard-earned subscribers happy by only sending them emails that offer them value.

Tags make this possible. When a subscriber signs up through a specific opt-in form, makes a particular purchase, or clicks a specific link, you can tag them. This way you can track their interest and send them specific emails tailored just for them. Pretty dang sweet.

Below is an idea of how simple it is to tag someone who clicks on a particular link. One of my fave ways to learn about my readers’ interests.

ConvertKit Tags



Umm pretty much life changing for the busy blogger. I wish I had time in my day to send individual emails to every single subscriber, but that just isn’t my reality. So sequences are basically EVERYTHING.

If you’re not familiar, they’re a series of automated emails sent to your subscribers over a period of time. You simply draft a set of emails (it could be a few or even a few dozen) and schedule each of them to be sent to your subscribers at a particular time – one after the other.

They’re a MUST for creating a welcome series (which ya gotta have) or an eCourse you plan to offer your subscribers. I think I’d go crazy without them.

Here’s a glimpse of my welcome email series planned out for every new subscriber who joins my list. I love that I can select exactly when my subscribers will receive their first set of emails from me. First impression is key, so this is crazy important.

ConvertKit for Bloggers


The meat of growing your email list right here.

The incentive, the freebie, the content upgrade – whatever you wanna call it. This is THE best way to entice readers to opt-in to your email list.

An incentive (or an opt-in, lead magnet, or freebie) is something of value that you offer to your readers for free in exchange for their email address.

People want something in exchange for their personal contact info. So you gotta offer them something that speaks to them and offers them value. And it needs to be FREE.

So play detective, and find out what your audience needs. Then package it up in an easily consumable fashion (like a checklist or a cheatsheet) and provide them with that quick win they’re looking for.

Once you create that killer freebie, you can promote the heck out of it to grow your tribe.

Effective promotion is huge.

Whether you use forms that come with your email service provider or you use an awesome service like OptinMonster (I like to get cah-razy and use both), you’ve gotta stick those opt-in forms ALL OVER your website.

Below is an example of my opt-in form created for my Free Blogger Resource Collection. I use this form as a pop up, which you likely noticed while reading this post. =)

When a reader enters her email address, she gets instant access to my resource library full of blogger ebooks, guides, checklists, and all sorts of goodies. And she also becomes part of my email list so I get to build a relationship with her and offer even more value to her blogging world.

Cool, yeah?

I’ve also got a dedicated landing page set up for my Resource Library freebie so I can share it across social media as well.

A landing page is essential for a successful freebie. It’s a single page on your website with the sole purpose of converting your readers into subscribers.

Simply direct your pin, post, or tweet to your freebie’s landing page so you can attract as many eyeballs to it as possible.

Now, if you’ve still got questions about all this freebie talk, I’ve got your back girl!

Get the deets on creating the perfect, high-converting freebie from start to finish with my FREE course, The Irresistible Freebie.

Anyone can throw together some random freebie and hope it sticks. But there’s a WHOLE strategy behind researching, crafting, and promoting a successful freebie that grows your list like mad.

Click right here or on the above image to have a peek for yourself!


Welcome your new subscribers with a spectacular welcome email series! Let them know how excited you are that they’re apart of your tribe and offer them some extra special value as you get to know each other.

Building trust and nurturing your subscribers should start ASAP. Don’t get your readers to join you and then abandon them for weeks at a time.

Be consistent. Connect with them at least once a week. And give them a reason to stick around and hang with you.

If you need a little email inspo, check out Meera’s killer blog post for 16 email types and 100 ideas to send to your new email subscribers. Lots of cool stuff here to get your creative juices flowing.

Remember, this is the list you’ve worked so hard to create. This is the list that will ultimately make you money with your blog. These are your peeps! So keep ’em happy!

Now, feeling pretty confident about slaying your email list goals? You can totally do this!

P.S. If you’re just entering the blogging world and need a hand getting your blog set up for success, check out my step-by-step tutorial on How To Start A Blog For Beginners.

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